Hi, we purchased a Rockwood 8288ss 5th Wheel 5 days ago. Did walk-thru, and found countless problems.Furnace wouldn't light, nor the fridg.

No electricity was available to check out Ac, Entertainment equipment, ect. They said, take it out and let us know if things don't work, then bring it back and we'll fix it. Really? Also, the front of the rigs fiberglass is wavy, as is the fiberglass under the Bedroom.

(the curver part) They said this is normal for and Signature Ultra Lite. Is anyone having the same issues with the fiberglass being wavy? The sides look fine, its just the front, and can we get out of this now!


Thanks, Kathleen in Phx

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

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My 8289ws diamond package 2013 is full of spider cracks from every screw hole that holds lights and things alonng the outside wall. Help!

This is a piece of junk. Its like they forgot to predrill the holes.

The gelcoat is destroyed 2 foot long fine cracks from almost every screw hole..

Waiting for Rockwood waranty, dont want to lose the whole camping season? Any advice

Glen Allen, Virginia, United States #921884

2015 forest river Sandpiper junk why can't they build them right from the start. What happen in the workers pride in there jobs


Forest River NORMALLY builds a great product, but, as with anything things can be missed occasionally! Unfortunately, Forest River may or may not have been aware of this failure issue and until it is financially ok to replace the failed piece they will not do it PERIOD!

The typical responses are to take it into the shop review the issue, test to duplicate problem and in most cases DENY any repair covered or not especially if under warranty for structure. Sorry for your mishaps here with Forest River as they are building better products in 2014/2015 now.

to LAWSUIT NEEDED Fort Worth, Texas, United States #927299

"Sorry for your mishaps here with Forest River as they are building better products in 2014/2015 now."

That is complete ***! I am sitting here in a 2014 that is a pile of junk.

Beautiful camper on the inside, but built like a straw hut.

Give the interior designer a big raise and fire the engineer of the Wildwoods.......................he sucks!


Have issues with delamination on an o8 utlra lite signature 5th wheel.On the back up close to top.And on the side two places at the back on left .One the size of a foot ball.Is there any recourse on the company standing behind their product with so many issues?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #794028
Are you ever right mine is 3 big wows or waves on cap the sidewalls of our diamond coat and to be taken off after I used it 2 weeks the Sept 2012 the in February there were line's all down the diamond coat they took it to Indiania and it came back with stove chipped the doors outside won't stay up the hardwood was scratched the cupboard all make winny noises now the other side is now lines coming down and the cap was never replaced as it was to be its an 8265ws diamond coat the sewer was 3/4 full and it was emty it was filthy its at a lot and I don't want it and they won't take it back I am sick :cry the blues spent all my money to give my husband another year of fun and we have to get a lawyer to fight this which is going to be a real hardship tks for nothing Rockwood P.S they had new caps as of 2014

2003 Cedar Creek,Silverback 5th wheel.We have the same problem with the 5th wheel area sideing coming loose from the framework. Every time we go on a trip it gets worse.Crappy workmanship.Don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions????


These walls are 'loose hung' and designed that way on purpose. I bet you guys would have trouble with the simplest of repairs and you should not own an rv of any make. Try hotels.


Wavey fiberglass suggests spotty adhesion of face panel to the substrate, visible by waves in finish.No way to inject glue once it's finished...Repair method is to remove and replace whole wall panel.Dealer will not want to deal with this; mfgr will resist remedy.

Do a thorough pre-delivery inspection and do not drive off the lot with a MH showing obvious defects.


I too made the mistake of buying a forest river 5th wheel back in 02, by 04 I noticed a bubble in the center of the rear panel that has no window. I got in contact with a rep.

or as I like to call him the "spin doctor" and told him what was happening, right off the bat without even saying to take it to the dealer for inspection he said it was my fault because if I had read the book that came with the unit it says to inspect the caulk every 6 months and that it sounds like I have a leak. I told him I did inspect the caulk and there was no leak. I even took the camper to a place that repaires campers and the owner said there was no leak. The rep.

told me he can't do any thing because the camper was out of warrenty.

Since then the whole fiberglass panel has delaminated and the sides are starting to look wavy, I can't afford to fix this and I'm stuck with a pos camper. Good Luck.

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