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Bought a new 2014, wildcat within 6 months the front fiberglass Cap begin to oxidize from the top to the bottom. Contacted Forest River in Dallas, Oregon and talked with Jodie Hingston in warranties, she said she was well aware of the problems of the Caps oxidizing, she requested photos, which we sent, she contacted back and said we indeed had a oxidizing problem, We also sent photos to the Forest River dealership in Roseville, Ca who was going to do the repainted, on the cap, Forest River refused the authorization for repairs. Forest River will not stand behind their warranties, when I contacted customer service they would not return my calls, I can now understand how Warren Buffet, who owns Forest River became so wealthy by ripping off people buying his crappy travel trailers.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Floor plan.

I didn't like: Quality of the product, Quality, Quality control, Customer service, Very poor dealer warranty.

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Northwest division manager refused to return my calls. I purchased a cover for my 2015 Wildcat and delayed this gelcoat problem for two years.

Ugly new trailer. Not under warranty.


Claremont, New Hampshire, United States #1276407

We own a 2013 Forrest River Wildcat..same nose problem. Was told by dealer not covered by FR..is this not true

Malta, Illinois, United States #1221247

Forest river sucks for warranty. The word is spreading amongst consumers and dealers. Service technicians will tell you how there product is junk and they wont pay dealers to fix

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1192251

On my 2013 Blue Ridge I got a denial from Forest River they will not re-due my front cap they said it was out of warranty even though it was caused from the problem of their gel coat they had been using even up to 2016. Their recall only cover RV or Motorhomes for 2015 and 2016. The cost I was quoted would be around $3,000.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1192250


I have a 2013 Forest River Blue Ridge with the front cap problem with fading and bubbling. Can you please email me at marilyn3@cox.net.

I have an attorney that is going to do a Class action. If there is any other people with this problem with the gel coat please email me.

to mdborne #1604946

Did a class action ever get filed on the defective paint issues?


My 2015 Wildcat Maxx has the same problem. Contacted Arron at Forest River and he has arranged to have the cap replaced.

He said they have a much better gel coat now that stands up to UV rays much better. As with any finish it needs proper maintenance to look good. Since the cap is fiber glass it is gel coated(not painted).

As with any manufacturer they get bad stuff from suppliers from time to time and this seems to be the case. Am happy with service that I have received.


I had the same problem with my 2014 Wildcat Maxx 27rls. Contacted the factory and there are certain VIN numbers that have this problem.

They worked with my dealer in getting it repainted. Just picked it up today and it looks great.


Strange, I have a 2014 and had the same problem only Forrest River and the dealer both took care of it right away. Forrest River did a recall on them for the problem so I would be willing to bet that the dealer doesnt want to deal with it.


I Own @ Forest River Product bought in Texas called a Crusader. It is a 2012 and the cap has done the same thing.

It started @ the Top and has worked all the way to the bottom. I have had it waxed twice every year and it still looks a hundred years old.


I have same problem with my 2014 wildcat. Poor product,service will not be buying F/R an telling everyone I know not to buy


Seen this same issue on another keystone RV. This is now a concern with my 2015 model. Will the same thing happen?

Lodi, California, United States #947560

Forest River is in the process of resolving my complaint.

If they follow through with their promises of full compensation for painting the front cap then I will give them a glowing review. Until then, we wait.

We shall know by March.

Portland, Oregon, United States #945808

If you are still needing help call 503-831-5410, his name is Aaron. Or you can call and ask for his boss at 503-831-1200. I would bug the *** out of them

to Anonymous #958821

Thank you, at last my problem with my 2014 Wildcat Maxx, (front Cap) has been resolve, both Jodie and Aaron, were very helpful, our front fiberglass Cap that oxidize, has been repainted, at no charge to me, I was very angry when I first posted my first complaint, I am very happy that Forest River stood by there warranty, and in the future, my next trailer will be a Forest River.

to Gonzo 89 #1006614

Thanks for posting. We too have the same problem. Ours was buffed out and now it looks worse so we plan to contact the numbers provided.

to Gonzo 89 #1009806

I purchased a brand new 2014 Wildcat F282RK with the same clear coat failure on the end cap. The dealer in Fresno, CA (Toyhauler Liquidators) told me that Forrest River was aware that the units were having a clear coat failure and had instructed all of the dealers that provide warranty service to repaint them and seal them with five coats of clear, then replace the logos and Forest River would compensate them.

Mine is scheduled for this repair. I have had my unit three months now and am very happy with it.

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