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Update by user Jul 21, 2012

7 21 12 i will be adding pictures later today and lawers names and numbers for poeple to call.I had a tech come to me that they sent,it was a joke. He must have thing im stuped,but i did my home work. By the way they fedxed a lot of parts for him to work on the 5 wheel alls he did was talk about when he worked for FBI ah more to come later today.

Update by user Jul 18, 2012

7 18 12 3 or 4 days ago i got ahold of a person ill leave his name out but he is up there and i had to call him 2 or3 time and now im getting some action well see we have a tech coming out friday we have had a lot of rv owners send us alot of go doctumention to use later well see how friday gose more to come on friday

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2012

bought a cedar creek 34 ft payed 57000.00 for it wall paper bubbling,toilet leaking into underbelly smells bad for 2ed time shorts keeps blowing brakers wiring has black tape holding 8 to10 wires in bunchs molding coming of walls battery wont stay charged awning work part time direct tv had trouble and 2ed tv wont work with it freezer wont freeze tip out have trouble working water in shower has no preshure did tell you its only 10 mos old and the factory wont call back at lest at wal mart i could take it back i will find a good lawer if any one would has these problem please email me

Monetary Loss: $57000.

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I'm about ready to call a lawyer. I would hope you would too.

Too many things going wrong for a new trailer. Now i have nail holes coming thru the walls and lots of them. This is un real. My warranty is up in Sept i quess they are dragging there feet till it's done.

There have been times i layed in bed and cried this is killing me.

My other friends bought a trailer same day i did (Not a Forest River though) they are happy campers.Keep us posted. Very Sad :(

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