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Called about a roof leak today. Greg answered.

He was rude and basically informed me that I would have to do my own inspection (I'm not trained in RV service) or pay a dealer to inspect to see where the leak is coming from. He tried to tell me someone must have done something on the roof to cause the problem. (He is very good to figure this out over the phone).

I was impressed with Forest River products but I will be look at other options on my next RV. He could not even tell me where the nearest dealer to me that could do the warranty if needed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Customer Care.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I too am currently attempting to deal with Forest River about a roof leak. Mine is a brand new 2018 that has been nothing short of a nightmare since buying it 2 months ago.

The dealer has had it twice s long for repairs that I have.

This latest round for the leak, I cannot get anyone at FR to return a call. The dealer I purchased this POS from suggested I hook it up and drive to Indiana and talk to someone in person, if I do I’ll be tempted to bring lighter fluid.

to FineIguana #1465350

I bought a brand new 2016 forest river in June of 2016.. had it for a month and a half and it had to go in for repairs 27 repairs needed done the first time we took it in including a brand new roof as it was leaking because they cut the roof too short. I don't understand how forest river can still be in business when all their trailers are PIECES OF ***


What kind of rv do you have? And also is the leak on the edge by the wall or in the middle of the ceiling?

to Anonymous #1465440

It’s a Wolf Pup toy hauler. The water is comin in at both front corners, I can only assume that it’s where the rubber roof meets the fiberglass front, but until I hear back from the repairing dealer I won’t know for sure.

to Anonymous #1465982

Make sure you take pictures of EVERYTHING... we had a water mark on our ceiling took pictures took it into the shop and when we picked up the water mark was gone..

and they said nothing was wrong.. all they did was bleached the stain out and sent us on our way.. to bad it didn't work and they ended up having to replace the whole roof..

keep fighting until they fix it.. what they pay out in warranty is more then what the trailer costs so why not just do it right the first time ??

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