I bought a brand new 2010 Wildcat. I have had it for about three years now, but due to my military lifestyle, its only been used for about two years total.

I bought this as my "home'' and it is very well taken care of. After the first couple months, the radio/cd/dvd hardly works, the walls leak, the step to the bedroom is broken, and the tank gauges don't work. I had contacted Forrest River to register my RV and after a couple back and forth emails, I stopped hearing from them and still don't think it ever got registered.

I have already replaced the converter ($400) and everything else is just falling apart. I will never purchase another Forrest River product again and due to the fact that a lot of the military personnel I work with look to live in RV's for ease of lifestyle, I will make sure they all know and will prevent them from making the same mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #810757

I hear you. We've had a Flagstaff now for ten years and have practically replaced everything possible that can be replaced on it.

With this years complete roof removal and replacement we think we might finally get what we thought we were buying in 2004. If depreciated hadn't killed the value right off the lot we might have gotten rid of it a long time ago. We're hoping that now it'll last until retirement and we'll move on and never look back to any kind of Forest River product. (This is our 2nd and both have been one problem after the other.) We've learned - the money we'll spend on an Airstream won't be all that much more than all the repair costs that FR wouldn't even talk to us about.

Never again...

Buyers looking at FR products? Be warned...

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #794307

You're going to "Prevent" others from buying? Who do you think you are?

Oh yeah, right - military. Everyone should kiss your @$$ and do as you do.

to MikeBrady #1428649

You know, first off, that's crappy, but second, it's stupid. I was in advertising for 20 years and tried to warn clients - bad news travels, especially in circles!

If you're a military man, a Freemason, a church member, anything with contacts NOT on the computer, the word gets out. Though the computer has helped a lot.

I'll certainly avoid Forrest River, Gulfstream, Thor branded motorhomes and a dozen other *** companies. Airstream isn't looking quite so expensive now.

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